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Bristol House Clearance, Domestic & Commercial Solutions

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House & Commercial Clearance Services in Bristol

We offer Professional & Reliable House & Commercial Clearance Services throughout Bristol, Bath and the Surrounding areas.

Bristol House Clearance are able to clear waste, rubbish, household items, junk and more from all types of properties, if requested this can be including all furniture, household appliances, fixtures, fittings, carpets and clutter. We can clear Lofts, Attics, Basements, Garages, Sheds, Gardens, Offices, Shops & Commercial type premises including Industrial units. In most cases we prove to be an excellent alternative to skip hire. If requested, we can also deep clean the property, carry out repairs and even redecorate it for you, ready to be occupied or put on the property market

Environmentally Friendly House & Business Clearance Services

Bristol House Clearance is dedicated to providing the most environmentally friendly clearance services possible for our customers

Whilst completing our clearance duties we quite often come across unwanted furniture, electronic devices, white goods and other household items etc. Our aim is to recycle or re-use 100% of the items we find from clearances wherever possible to avoid waste going to landfill, to achieve this we work closely with several local charities where we donate items that are in good condition or that can be easily repaired or repurposed, for other items we work with local waste treatment facilities where cardboard, metal, wood, plastic etc are separated to be recycled properly

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